Awakening is the opening track from our new album Spiritual Oceans.

Welcome to the Elemental Level website! Thank you for stopping by to visit us today. Elemental Level invites you to join us as we create therapeutic and meditative music using traditional African, Middle Eastern, and Native American instruments. Our instrumentation features African djembes, Middle Eastern doumbek, and Native American Flute. We blend traditional rhythms and contemporary sound design.


We released our new album, Spiritual Oceans, on December 21, 2020. We selected the release date to coincide with the seasonal transition from fall into winter and the turning point of darkness to light in the days ahead. We hope our album provides you with many perspectives for reflection.

Recording took place at Summit Studios from April to June, 2020 with a final session held in October. Mixing and post-production took place in November and December, 2020. Early release previews are favorable based on feedback we received thus far. Spiritual Oceans is distributed across forty content platforms, including: Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes, Amazon Prime, Google Play, and a variety of other regional services worldwide.

Spiritual Oceans adds another layer of musical interest into our work with the addition of Native American Flute and recordings from Australia, New Zealand, and the Caribbean Sea. This album represents our effort to deliver to our listeners a musical experience that can enjoyed, and studied, by the individual listener, or create a soothing environment for yourself, your guests, or your clients.

Given the challenging nature of this year, it is our fervent hope that our release date of December 21, 2020 represents a real, and emotional, shift into the promise of new opportunities as we begin 2021.

May Spiritual Oceans take you on the journey you need for the days ahead.

With appreciation…Trip and Bill


Bill Emery (Left) and Trip Kinzie (Right)